Monday, January 2, 2017

A New Start!

Today, I am starting a new chapter in my Lean/Agile journey! After focusing on bringing more agility and flexibility to an Enterprise, I will now go back to what I feel are my roots: a small company.

I am now working for Aim 4 Knowledge, a Stockholm-based company delivering training solution to IT organizations. My new role is officially ‘Product Owner’ for the Lean and Agile area. I will work to bring, create and deliver excellent training and education on:
  • Lean for knowledge work
  • Kanban for end-to-end value streams, portfolio and teams
  • DevOps
  • Agile development
  • Lean Startup & User eXperience
The idea is a to support companies (you?) in creating an iterative, incremental and streamlined value creation stream from customer to production.

Why does this matter? Because more than ever before we are in a fast moving, highly competitive environment where those who win can simply deliver more value, earlier.

Don’t hesitate to contact me at

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

From Good-enough to Great: LKFR16 Slides

Here are the slides I've been using to present "From Good-enough to Great" at the Lean Kanban France 2016 conference. Here are the templates I am presenting in a practical hand-out format.

Expect more info about the workshop facilitation soon on this blog. There should anyway be enough for you to get your Quest going.

Now, go slain your Dragons!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Speaking at Lean Kanban France 2016

I will - finally - be speaking at Lean Kanban France 2016 this year.

Being French, it should perhaps falls naturally to present at a French conference. Life as had other plans for me so far, but this year the stars are in the right position and it is happening. Though, I have to confess that I've never actually discuss Lean, Kanban and Agile in French. So, I'll do my talk in ...english. Yes, it's weird!

My talk will be about my RPG-inspired "From Good-Enough to Great", a very condensed version of the workshop that I've run at LKNA16 last May. I'll upload the slides just in time for the conference.

From Good-Enough to Great 
You’ve had some success with your Kanban System: you’ve managed flow and quickly increased your capability. But now the energy goes down, your Kanban system – (r)evolutionary at first - becomes the new normal. How do you keep momentum? How do you keep succeeding in the long term? 
Building on the insights gathered by starting and following more than 70 Kanban implementations, this talk presents a set of tools designed to discover the real purpose of your Kanban system. You will understand your quest, your origin story, your strengths and weaknesses. Having found your “Why”, you will be able to create a plan to lift your Kanban system from good-enough to great. You will have unity and alignment around a strong sense of purpose: the bases to make you Kanban system resilient!
Actually, the more I work on this presentation, the more I find stuff to speak about. Which is making it very hard to keep it under 45 min. I'll really need to write some blog posts to fill the gaps!

See you in Paris!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fast Feedback is Back!

The Fast Feedback conference is back this year in Stockholm on the 21-22 of September.

It’s my great pleasure this year to assist Håkan Forss and Mattias Skarin -  two of the most influencial Lean/Agile coaches in Scandinavia - in setting up this year’s conference.

The theme is “Strategy – Turning Insight into Action”.
I think that we’ve succeeded in setting up a very exciting program.

Look at that:
  • Stephen Bungay. I’ve had the privilege to attend some of Stephen keynotes at various conferences and it’s always been entertaining and mind-blowing in equal measure. His work on applying the military concept of “mission command” to business is essential to strategy planning and execution.
  • We then have speakers from a bunch of extremely innovative companies/startups: Simon Marcus (Spotify), Arne Roock (Jimdo), Sami Honkonen (Reaktor) . They will share how these dynamic companies form their strategies and apply them. If you are not familiar with Sami’s excellent podcast “Boss Level” do yourself a favor and check it out right away!
  • We also have the true and tried companies sharing their experience: Lego (Eik Thyrsted & Mattias Skarin), Ericsson (Erik Schön & Jonas Plantin) and Volvo Trucks (Amer Catic).
  • Finally we have a set of speakers that know what it means to take insight into actions outside of the board rooms: Lottie Knutson (with experience in managing a travel agency's reaction to the catastrophic events of the 2004 tsunami in south-east asia) and Marcus Hammarberg (with a very human and emotional journey to save a hospital in Indonesia).

Join us in Stockholm! 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Won the Brickell Key Award 2016!

Wow, just Wow!
I am very honored to have won the Brickell Key Award 2016!

Actually, very glad, surprised and humbled. The competition was impressive, if possible even more so than two years ago when I was first nominated. I want to thanks the Kanban community, David Anderson for his inspiration, Sandvik IT for their trust and my wife and kids for their support.

From Good-Enough to Great: the Workshop

Here comes the slides from the Workshop I've held at the Lean Kanban North America 2016 conference in San Diego:

The slide-deck is also available on Google Drive
The hand-outs are available here on Google Drive

This what the Workshop is about:
From good-enough to great
You’ve had some success with you Kanban System: you’ve managed flow and quickly increased your capability. But now the energy goes down, your Kanban system – (r)evolutionary at first - becomes the new normal. How do you keep your momentum? How do you keep succeeding in the long term?
Building on the insights gathered by starting and following 60+ Kanban systems, this workshop will give you concrete tips on how to lift your Kanban system from good-enough to great! You will learn how to better understand the service(s) you are delivering and how to make your Kanban system continuously fit for purpose. Fusing Kanban with tabletop RPGs, this workshop will help you:
  • Know what you really want: find the Why in your Kanban system
  • Define and work with fitness criteria for your service and for your Kanban system
  • Improve your Kanban system continuously
  • Grow using depth of Kanban assessments
Have you been attending the workshop? I would really like to hear how you are doing using the tools I presented!

By the way,  I do plan to keep improving the method and material. Come back here for more!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lean Kanban Nordic 2014

Lotta Olsson and I will present Sandvik IT's Kanban journey at the Lean Kanban Nordic 2014 conference in Stockholm (a.k.a. "Stop Starting, Start Finishing" conference). Lotta is currently managing the Operational Excellence Support (OpX) unit within Sandvik IT. The OpX is the 'home' of Kanban, ITIL and other processes and tools designed to improve the IT teams capabilities.

The title of our talk on May the 28th is "Implementing Kanban at Scale at Sandvik IT". We will cover the story depicted in the InfoQ articles, but also how we plan to build on what has been acheived to go further.

Edit: The presentation slides are available on slideshare